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writing a thesis

Writing a Thesis in Half the Time When You Don’t Know Where to Start

Does Writing a Thesis Have to Be Painful? "Writing a thesis is probably so stressful," said the kind doctor at the emergency room, as he examined my elbows throbbing with pain. "You may be able to avoid surgery because you are young", I heard him say, "but if I were you I would strongly consider … [Read More...]

graduate school

Why You Lose Motivation in Graduate School and How to Get it Back

The Silent Race in Graduate School We wanted to be happy for Jay. With two first author papers in progress, Jay deserved to graduate after four and a half years - first one in our class to get a PhD. Yet, as we took our seats at his thesis defense in the crowded lecture hall, I could feel the … [Read More...]


I Was Stressed and Burned Out…but, this is How I Finished My Thesis by Working Fewer Hours

  “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” - Oprah Winfrey Click here to receive a FREE copy of  my book "Finish Your Thesis Faster"  Why did I have to reduce my work hours to finish my thesis? I cut down on the number of hours I worked in the … [Read More...]

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