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finishing your thesis

You Can’t Avoid Finishing Your Thesis If You Follow These Steps

  Finishing Your Thesis When You Believe You Can't "How do I force myself to write, when I can't stand looking at my thesis anymore?" "I feel so guilty dragging my whole family down with this thesis writing, and I don't even know when I'll be done." "No matter how much I do, there is … [Read More...]


How to Gain Respect From Your Thesis Supervisor Even When You Don’t Feel Confident

 "Did I Just Say That to My Thesis Supervisor?" I took a deep breath as filled my pipette with the last drops of my reagent in the bottle. I had just enough reagent for this experiment so I could generate data for my presentation the following week. Just as I was about the cap the vial, my … [Read More...]


Finishing Your Thesis Faster After a Near-Death Experience

  The Drive to Finish Your Thesis Faster Comes When You Least Expect It... I have been an avid swimmer since I was 3 years old, so it was natural for me to join the Masters Swimming Club when I was in graduate school. Senior graduate students told me how important it was to make time for … [Read More...]

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