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Featured Articles by Dr. Dora Farkas


5 Reasons It is Worth Getting Your PhD Degree, After All

“To be honest, if I could do it over again, I never would have gone to grad school.” The day Jess told me that, we were cleaning the -80°C freezer together. She was in her sixth year, and I’d just passed my qualifying exams. When she said she wished she’d never gone to grad school, I nearly … [Read More...]

impostor syndrome

Eliminate Impostor Syndrome: How to Overcome the 5 Myths that Feed Thesis Stress

  The Impostor Syndrome Doesn't Have to Hold You Back  Lisa called her husband in tears. After six months of writing, her research proposal had finally been approved. Yet, she still couldn’t shake the impostor syndrome: the nagging feeling that she wasn’t good enough for her … [Read More...]

How to finish your literature review when you can’t stop reading articles

"You should read at least 200 articles for this literature review," my professor said when he gave us the assignment. I was a first year graduate student, and I took his advice too literally. I typed in the keywords into the search engine of my online databases and I pulled up hundreds of … [Read More...]

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