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Featured Articles by Dr. Dora Farkas

Literature Review Tips: 5 Steps to an Outstanding Paper

Your Literature Review Doesn't Have to Be a Yawn "A literature review?" I thought bedazzled as I came out of my thesis supervisor's office. Why would he ask me to write a literature review for a prestigious journal when I hadn't published any scientific papers yet? My initial surge of … [Read More...]

7 Reasons Why Bright Students Drop Out of Grad School

 Dropping Out of Grad School Is A Silent Epidemic Dropping out of grad school has a high financial and emotional cost for students and their families. Every year about 50% of grad students drop out of doctoral programs. But, none of my professors told me this when I decided to apply to a PhD … [Read More...]

10 Surprising Time Management Strategies To Help You Graduate

If I Had Known Just Half Of These Time Management Strategies I Could Have Graduated a Year Sooner I made the same mistake as most of my peers in graduate school: I was an overachiever. While I did not realize this at the time, being an overachiever led to poor time management and reduced … [Read More...]

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