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Featured Articles by Dr. Dora Farkas

how to write thesis

How to Write Your Thesis in a Toxic Academic Environment

Jan was in his last year of graduate school when things turned toxic. Up to that point, Jan’s studies had been drama-free. He only had to finish one series of experiments, and write up two manuscripts as first author. Both of the papers would eventually turn into chapters in his … [Read More...]

Female College Student

Is Getting a PhD Eroding Your Self-Confidence?

Noelle had an interview for a faculty position at a prestigious university, but she was terrified every time she thought about it. Noelle knew that getting the interview in itself was a major accomplishment, but she was filled with self-doubt and thought she wasn't worthy of the job because: … [Read More...]

thesis supervisor

Turn a Hostile Thesis Supervisor into Your Closest Ally with These 5 Tips

Jeff, a fifth year PhD student, got his thesis proposal draft back from his thesis supervisor, Paul. The feedback was discouraging, but hardly surprising. It was full of criticism, but offered no guidance: “This part is confusing.” “You don’t have enough detail here.” “I thought we … [Read More...]

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