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The Top Five Mistakes in Negotiating Salary or Bonuses

business meetingIn this competitive job market, many candidates think they are so lucky to get a job that they don’t even attempt negotiating salary of ask for other bonuses. What if I offend my employer? What if they think I am too greedy? Will I make a bad first impression if I ask for more than what I am offered?

The (surprising) reality is that your employer will see you as more valuable if you negotiate your offer, because part of the negotiation process is to emphasize what you are worth and the value that you bring to the company with your experience and skills. What is wrong with not negotiating salary?

Let’s say you accept an offer for $75,000, but you know others in the same geographical area are paid $80 -85000 for the same position. You might think, what is another $5K-$10K worth, especially after the taxes are taken out? Will negotiating salary offend my new employer?

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Five Steps to Finish Your Thesis on Time While Enjoying Life

I feel so privileged that I have been invited to Tufts University to present my seminar “Five Steps to Finish Your Thesis on Time While Enjoying Life”.

I know that if you are in graduate school, you want to do high quality research while also having time for your friends, family and yourself. I have worked with hundreds of graduate students over the last five years to help them finish their thesis on time while also having a great quality of life outside of work.  It has been a truly happy-young-graduate-students-group-personal_coachingrewarding experience to teach my students a reliable system to help them get their thesis on track so they can find that ideal balance between academic excellence and personal fulfillment.

I know that students in all stages of graduate school will benefit from this seminar, whether they are in their first year, or they are close to the finish line and are already looking at career options.

My five step system will help you to:

-Get clear on the direction of your research and career,
-Develop a step-by-step plan for finishing your thesis,
-Get the mentoring you need from your supervisor,
-Be more productive and have more free time for your family, friends and yourself, and
-Stay motivated and prevent burnouts.

If you would like to schedule a seminar at your department please contact me at dora@finishyourthesis.com.

I look forward to working with you!



Do you want to finish your thesis on time and enjoy life?

  • Be more productive
  • Have more free time
  • Land your dream job

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