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Why You Shouldn’t Resists Stress in Graduate School

"I  don't like your numbers," my doctor said. "What have you been eating?" he asked with a disgusted expression in his face. I remember thinking "You don't want to know", so I shrugged my shoulders and just gave him a generic reply. "Well, whatever is around," I said with a forced … [Read More...]

time management thesis

Five Time Management Strategies You Must Learn to Finish Your Thesis

Where Did My Morning Go? I stood up from my desk around 10 am after spending an hour dutifully answering all the emails in my inbox. Collaborators, students in the class I was teaching, friends, and family members all decided to ask me for favors of various sizes that morning. At the time, … [Read More...]

graduate school

Why You Lose Motivation in Graduate School and How to Get it Back

The Silent Race in Graduate School We wanted to be happy for Jay. With two first author papers in progress, Jay deserved to graduate after four and a half years - first one in our class to get a PhD. Yet, as we took our seats at his thesis defense in the crowded lecture hall, I could feel the … [Read More...]