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Featured Articles by Dr. Dora Farkas


Does Guilt or Shame Ever Creep Up When You Meet With Your Thesis Advisor?

I was in the beginning of my sixth year in grad school, which I really hoped would be my last. I felt my stomach sink as my thesis advisor and I reviewed my latest results. Once again, my experimental setup had failed to purify the proteins we were interested in. I had been working on … [Read More...]

drop out of grad school

5 Myths That Push Students to Drop Out of Grad School

Miriam’s dilemma was something many grad students face: just when you’re ready to buckle down and finish your thesis, life happens—again. She was ABD (all but dissertation), but it had been stop-and-go thesis writing for the past two years. She had looked forward to the thesis writing process … [Read More...]

Profile of smiling business people, handshake at the office.

Jumpstart Your Thesis Writing by Creating a Job Searching Strategy

Contributed by Dr. Isaiah Hankel, Founder of the Cheeky Scientist Association Getting started on your thesis can be extremely difficult. One of the biggest reasons getting started is so difficult is that there’s usually nothing driving you to finish your thesis. Very often, your advisor is … [Read More...]

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